Wednesday, February 24, 2010

DIY Mini-Greenhouse

I love starting my seedling inside in the spring. I always start in late February or early March, even though the plants cannot be put outside until late May. For that reason, I often use yogurt cups, so there is plenty of room for the roots to develop.

What you need for this project:
Fall2009 208 10 oz. empty salad container, washed by hand (these are often made of cornstarch and melt in the dishwasher.

6 empty yogurt cups per salad container, washed (these are rugged enough to be put in the dishwasher when you have extra room)

hammer and 1 nail
Fall2009 211
With the hammer and nail, make two holes in the bottom of each yogurt cup. Do not worry if you create a crack in the process; it will still work.
Fall2009 214Scoop dirt into the yogurt cups. If you can’t find a shovel, you can create a scoop from a milk jug.
Fall2009 231 Add seeds, water, and put the lids on until the seedlings have emerged:
Fall2009 292I did not put the lettuce in yogurt cups. I put dirt directly into the salad container, because the lettuces will be put out earlier than the other plants, so they don’t need as much room for root development.

Have you found ways to repurpose and reuse items items in your garden?

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Cathy said...

Brilliant use of those salad container. Now I wish I had saved more.

Unknown said...

Yes, I have grown seeds in mini greenhouses like yours...and they really work! Excellent post!

LV said...

I have tried this, but never seemed to work out. I just wait until I can plant in the yard. I do enjoy being out in the yard when it is warm.

mitchdcba said...

My dad has decided to grow a little small back yard vegetable garden. But, I do worry, he had a fall a few months back and cracked a rib, he is slowly getting better.
backyard greenhouse

Anonymous said...

Obtain and pick some good things from you and it helps me to solve a problem, thanks.

- Henry

Candace said...

I saved my little salad containers recently because I thought they would make great little greenhouses. I haven't tried it yet but I'm excited to see that they do work for that! Thanks!