Saturday, April 24, 2010

You Win Some, You Lose Some

groweatsaveWe have lost all of our lettuces and broccoli. They just could not handle the extreme weather changes we have had, so I have had to start all over again. Fortunately, the spinach and chard have survived, but their growth has been very slow:

April 2010 297

Normally I would be very disappointed over such a large crop loss, but there have been so many exciting discoveries in the garden that my spirits have been buoyed!

The first surprise of the week was when I discovered the potatoes starting to come up:April 2010 330 The second surprise was discovering the strawberries  beginning to flower:April 2010 327 The third surprise was discovering flowers on our gooseberry bushes:April 2010 332And I was absolutely shocked to find  a blueberry bush that I thought died last summer was still alive and sending up shoots:April 2010 333 There have been a few other delights as well. The  pear tree has begun to bloom:April 2010 342And the buds on the apple trees are nearly ready to open:April 2010 347We have another storm coming through on Tuesday, so my prayer is that we don’t lose too many of the pear and apple blossoms. While the weather may prevent me from getting outside, it will not keep me from gardening. I will be nursing my tomatoes and new baby lettuces along inside the warmth and safety of my house.

How is your vegetable garden growing? I hope the successes exceed the losses!  To see other gardens in progress, visit Square Foot Gardening at $5 Dinners.


Denise said...

I planted a strip of lettuce and started to see shoots but now they're gone, I think they are being eaten :-( It's nice to see yours sprouting.

Carla said...

Don't you love new growth!! Guess thats what is so exciting about spring.

Are you sq ft gardening? We are trying sq ft/self watering containers this year, got my fingers crossed.

This could be my very own quote:
"I created this blog so that I could ramble on, ad nauseum, about my favorite hobby." lol