Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Radish Recipe at $5 Dinners

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On the second and fourth Tuesday of each month I will be posting a recipe and/or gardening tip at $5 dinners. Erin shares delicious, healthy dinners for less than $5.00 a meal. She is also a square foot gardener and hosts Grow.Eat.$ave on Saturdays.

Last night, I shared my recipe for Chicken and Radish Salad along with a few quick tips for growing radishes at $5 Dinners. I hope you will visit me there and share your favorite fall recipes or gardening tips!

I didn’t use the Watermelon and Black radish pictured above in my salad. I used the more conventional Easter Egg and Cheriette Radishes instead. And I used the leftover radish tops in Radish Leaf Soup.

How do you use radishes?


Anonymous said...

Those are really cool radishes. The watermelon looks really neat does it taste different?

Alea Milham said...

The watermelon radish tastes just a little bit sweeter and the black radish is a bit spicier. I love tring different varieties of vegetable!