Friday, April 9, 2010

Flaunting What I’ve Got

fertilizer Friday
Which still isn’t very much!  I am enjoying the flowers that we do have and am very thankful for bulbs. Without bulbs, my yard would look like a barren wasteland. Without bulbs, it would actually look like we live in the high desert (or Mordor, which is basically the same thing when you think about it) and that is a look I am trying to avoid, even if that is where I reside.

However, I am finally able to see the potential for flowers from a source other than bulbs. You will need to adjust your expectations and look at the next two pictures through desert eyes!

April 2010 097 The delphiniums survived the winter and are growing at an incredible rate!

April 2010 102 As are the hollyhocks!  I have hollyhocks lining a 50 foot stretch of fence. I can almost visualize the wall of hollyhocks that will exist in a couple of months…

I also have another UFO – Unidentified Flowering Object:
April 2010 099 Several years ago I bought some bulbs and the only thing I paid attention to was whether they could spend the winter in the ground.  These met my exacting standards. I bought them, planted them, and lost the paper with their name. Please let me know if you recognize these little beauties.

What is growing in your garden? Are the perennials starting to emerge? Visit Flaunt Your Flowers Friday at Tootsie Time , to see what is growing in gardens around the world.

Please come back tomorrow, when I will show you what is happening in my edible garden. I am so incredibly jazzed about a discovery that I made, that it is very hard not to show you today!


Heather at Dusty Bay said...

Hi there! I think I may know your UFO - periwinkle? Here's mine, I have 2 different kinds on this post:

Have a great day!

Paula said...

Your perenials look great! Isn't it fun watching this all come to life. I look forward to seeing your garden grow! Thanks for sharing with us, Paula from Idaho

Noel Morata said...

aloha alea,

it looks like spring is finally waking up in your garden, it looks beautiful.... thanks for sharing

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Hi Alea,
I am excited about my delphinium surviving its second winter. I'm glad yours has come up. Your mystery flowers look like my chindoxas. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Your hyacinth in another post sure is pretty, too.

Tootsie said...

awesome!!! I cannot grow a hollyhock to bloom if I was paid!!! my leaves get enormous like a rhubarb...they they do not get tall and definitely do not bloom!!! You go friend!!!
thanks for flaunting with me...and no one needs to look through any kind of eyes...desert or not...your flowers are just right!
have a great weekend and thanks for linking in this week