Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Garden is Open, Kind of…

Last year, I opened my garden in March, even though our last freeze is usually in June. I was able to carefully plan ahead and cover the plants before a snow or freezing temperatures hit our area.  The plants thrived and I was picking tomatoes in May before most of my neighbors had even planted theirs.

That was last year. This year I have consistently blown it!  Mostly, because I have chosen to believe my weather man. The lives of my seedlings are my responsibility, so I am not going to blame him (too much).
March 2010 257I took a chance and transplanted the broccoli plants from where they were started in yoghurt cups to the raised garden bed. I did harden the off first, by letting them spend a couple of days out doors in their yoghurt cups before I planted them in the raised bed. Here is where I should probably confess that I decided to eyeball it, rather than using markers to create my square foot garden. I have used twine in the past, and then removed the twine when the plants emerged and used it to tie up beans.
March 2010 309 My broccoli plants after several snows and below freezing temperatures. Each plant has at least one green leaf, so I am hopeful that they will recover, but it is going to be a while before we are eating any fresh broccoli from my garden!

Here is what the weather has done to my romaine lettuce:
March 2010 307 I have planted my potatoes, as well as some peas, spinach, and chard. However for now,  I am keeping most of my seedlings in front of a window in our garage.

To view other square foot gardens, visit $5 Dinners. While you are there, be sure to book mark $5 Dinners, because Erin creates lovely dishes using the produce from her garden!

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