Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Snow Pellets

I thought I had experienced every weather phenomenon known to North America, but I was wrong.May 2010 303We were showered with snow pellets on Saturday afternoon.

May 2010 300

Since it was a new experience I decided to walk out into the snow pellet storm to record it. Lucky for me snow pellets are less dense that hail, so they do less damage to crops, unprotected heads, and cameras than hail of the same size would have done.  Fortunately, I decided to ignore the forecasts of the blind liars meteorologists, who said we would only have rain and not dip below freezing, and took steps to protect some of the less hardy plants in our garden before the snow pellets arrived:May 2010 305

The snow pellets were followed by a  dry thunder storm and then a light snow shower. Most of America is anxiously awaiting summer and we are still wondering when spring will arrive!  Have you had unusual weather this spring?

To view less depressing pictures of the great outdoors, visit Outdoor Wednesday at a Southern Daydreamer.


Rainy Day Gardener said... admittedly I had no idea there was such a thing as snow pellets. Hail yes..pellets no. I am further educated!! :)
Spring in the NW has been soggy and sunless. It's an El Nino year. I'm hoping for sun by August.

Miss Debbie said...

Snow pellets... now that is a new one. Glad you took precautions. It has been in the 90's here this week.That is a little too hot for me this early ... it's not even June yet!

Tracy said...

Hahaha - blind liars... awesome. Wouldn't you love to have a job where you could be wrong all the time and still get paid well? Glad the pellets didn't damage any of your plants!