Tuesday, May 4, 2010

When are Flowers Unwelcome?

BloomingTuesday_Button My husband and I have different answers to this question. My husband does not like flowers in his lawn, though I believe a great lawn should contain a few dandelions and a small patch of clover. Well, it should if children ever play on it. My husband wants our lawn to look like my Dad’s:April 2010 154 But I (not so) secretly hope that our lawn  never looks this nice! I don’t even mind that it looks like this:May 2010 016 In defense of our lawn. It just warmed up enough to begin running sprinklers. It will green up, I just hope that when it does my husband is not successful in his attempt to eradicate the pretty dandelion and clover flowers!

I, on the other hand, find some flowers unwelcome in my raised bed gardens. I would prefer not to see flowers on my rhubarb, greens, or onions, especially this early in the year. Alas, one of my rhubarb plants has begun to bloom:April 2010 457 I will do an emergency harvest of this plant and freeze the stalks. I will wait until the other rhubarb is ready before I start baking with it.

There are some flowers that we are both happy to see. The first flower on our crabapple tree:May 2010 017
Our first viola flower:May 2010 012

And the snapdragons, which  are beginning to bloom, just as the tulips are fading:May 2010 007
Do you have any flowers that are unwelcome in your yard? 

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Paula said...

So fun to see all your blooms! We only have bulbs blooming right now - I love to see what is coming - Thank sofr sharing! Paula from Idaho

Darla said...

Oh yes...Dandelions, Henbit, Oxalis.....Spiderwort....you get the idea. They are fine if contained, but will take over our grassy areas....I'm glad to know that my husband and I aren't the only ones with gardening differences..lol

Anonymous said...

Hi Alea. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. It looks like your garden is just getting started. I don't mind a few dandelions in my yard; however, I don't want them taking over. We have a lawn service that comes 4 times a year to weed and feed our yard with chemicals. Friends compliment us on our lawn, so I guess the lawn service is doing good. We don't have many flowers in our yard, so I go to our neighboring houses for most of my pictures :-)

I know what you mean about a subject taking over your regular blog. That happened to me too. I found letters in Mom's personal effects that I had written to her while I was in the Army (30+ years ago). I decided to share those letters with the world. I did so first in my regular blog. I didn't want to break up the "story", so I didn't do any of my regular posting. I finally reached a place where I could stop the "letters to mom", but then I wanted to start up again. I created a new blog "Letters to Mom" and copied all the letters I had already shared to that blog and now I can write in both blogs to my heart's content.

Unknown said...

You have such a variety of things in bloom, We love dandelions on our lawn. Something for the girls to pick and some people eat the tender leaves. This time of year there are hay fields bursting with dandelions, it almost looks like yellow snow LOL.
Anyway I am with you a manicured lawn is highly overated.Love your trees in bloom from last week, gorgeous!
Blessings Meg

Suzanne said...

Love those flowers of yours -- snapdragons are a favorite of mine! I must say I'm with your husband as far as lawns go. ;o)

Jean said...

Let's just say my lawn is nice and green, right after I mow it! I have veronica ,with tiny blue/purple blooms every where. It's impossible to get rid of. It's also in the gardens. I love seeing little violas pop up! Happy Bloomin' Tuesday! Jean

Chris said...

One flower I wish we didn't have is a certain type of honeysuckle, not the vining, less invasive, wonderful smelling kind. We have a type that turns into HUGE bushlike monsters that take over our snowball bushes. One "weed" that I love though is wild violets. Not only do I think they're beautiful, they actually save me some edging work since they mostly seem to take over areas along the fence and barn.