Tuesday, June 29, 2010

100 Degrees of Miserable

In my last post I said that spring had just arrived. Well, it didn’t like what it saw and headed for the hills. In less than 2 weeks we went from night time frosts to 100 degrees. This is hard not just on me and my handful of readers who politely listen to my whining, but on my poor plants. Instead of showing you the carnage I thought I would highlight some of the plants that can handle our extremes.

June2010 142I have to admit that I was not a huge fan of Black Eyed Susans until I moved here. However, I have grown to appreciate their ability to survive 100+ summers and sleep undisturbed through below zero winters.

June2010 151 Gazanias are annuals in my area (they are perennials in zone 9 –11), but they can withstand quite a bit of heat and sun. They do well in dry soil and require very little water. However, they do occasionally fall victim to rabbits.

June2010 214 And this lovely Day Lily says, “bring it on”. This day lily came in a bag of mixed lilies. I don’t know what variety it is, but I sure do love the vibrant color!

As I was driving home this afternoon the weather man said, “A cold front has blown through and lowered the temperature to 97 degrees”. Seriously? That qualifies as a cold front!

How are your plants adjusting to summer?

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Henny Penny said...

I had similar weather, I went from gardening in my winter hat to avoiding the hot. My broccoli was clipped at the size of a quarter, rather disappointing. I have a short season so maybe some of the hotter weather stuff will do better.
Happy Gardening.

Jean said...

Our growing season is about 3 weeks ahead of schedule because of our very warm spring. I do like blackeyed Susans and especially like the extra ring of brown. Your lily is a lovely color. Jean

T said...

You do a wonderful job despite the odd weather there! I love the new blog layout, btw!

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Our weather has been odd this year. Our spring was late in coming, too, then it got hot, but not 100. Now, it's cooled off to highs in the 80s. Mornings have been nice, in the upper 60s. We had lots of rain though, and flooding this month.

I like your blooms. Gazanias are one of my favorites. Mine did fall victim to the rabbits this year, but I'm hoping they grow new leaves. I went out and bought one to add to a pot I have on the deck where the rabbits can't reach it.

That lily is a pretty color. I don't remember the names of most of my plants, either.

Debbie in MS said...

I don't think I have ever seen a Gazania before. It's pretty!

It has been hot here too. Highs in the upper 90s and heat index of 105+.

Followed you here from TGP

Ott, A. said...

I love (not like) LOVE your sunflower!!!!! Beautiful!!! Thanks for posting the picture of it. (Stoppin' by from TGP)

Olga Poltava said...

Beautiful flowers. I've never heard/seen Black Eyed Susans and Gazanias before. They are lovely.

Jami@ An Oregon Cottage said...

Oh, I would be complaining, too, if that were happening here! No worries. I think that lily is an Asiatic lily- the day lilies always have grassy foliage that the flowers come from. :-) Thanks for sharing at the TGP!

Heather said...

Wow, cooling down to 90? We are supposed to be heating up to 90 next week... cool and wet today here in Oregon.

Your flowers are beautiful... lovely "hot" colors.

stopping by from tgp.

Alea Milham said...

Jami- I think you are right. The asiatic lily came in a bag named mixed day lilies but they are all the same color and the same type, which is definitely not a day lilly. I think they are quite pretty and am glad there was a mix up in the packaging.