Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hang On, Little Tomato

Spring just arrived a week ago and we are not sure if summer is ever going to show up.  Our weather has had a very negative impact on my warm weather vegetables. Many of the plants are maturing slowly, but I am hopeful that there is enough time for them to produce before our first frost in September. My tomatoes have have had several near death experiences, but surprisingly they are producing fruit:June2010 175Doesn’t that plant look pathetic?

My Oregon Champion Gooseberries are loving the cool weather:June2010 064 That is just one branch and I have four bushes. Gooseberry pies will be on the menu very soon.

The Everbearing strawberries are producing:June2010 172 The first year that I planted the strawberries, the fruit was comparable to store bought fruit and I seriously considered pulling all of the plants out. I let them live and I am very glad I did. Each year their fruit is sweeter than the year before, they produce fruit from May through September, and they have produced enough runners for me to plant several more beds.

Yesterday, I posted about how wonderful a bad memory is because you can surprise yourself. Well, I surprised myself in the veggie garden too! These little babies came up:June2010 176I remember debating whether I should plant pumpkins and I guess I decided to plant them, because I discovered pumpkin seedlings in one of my raised beds. I can’t wait to see what else I planted that I forgot about!

Has your garden been adversely affected by the strange weather this year?

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N.B. I stole the title of this post from Pink Martini’s second album, which is one of my favorite CD’s. Nothing like a little Pink Martini to make housework a little more pleasant! :D


T said...

being forgetful definitely has it's benefits! I don't think I would have the patience you do with all that crazy weather. You would do so well with our weather.

Just Trying To Save Money said...

Gooseberries? I have never heard of them, are they sweet? Our pumpkins are doing pretty good, cant wait to start picking other stuff!!

Looks good!!

Alea Milham said...

Gooseberries have a unique flavor and are tart, especially when picked early, which some prefer to do.

Wendy (The Local Cook) said...

next year I'm definitely trying some fruit!

Money Saving Maine-iac said...

Congratulations on your gooseberry crop! We've had 2 bouts of nickels size hale. I am utterly amzed I have a vegetable garden left. It sounds like you've had crazy weather also. It will make us more knowledgeable gardeners! (That's what I keep telling myself!)

Bethany said...

Your strawberries look amazing! I'm thinking about trying those next year. I'm going to watch for a post on your goose berries. I've never seen those before!