Friday, October 8, 2010

The Gladioli are Finally Blooming!

October2010 049

Some of my gladiolus bulbs are finally blooming! We had a long winter and a harsh spring, so I couldn’t put my gladiola bulbs in the ground until June, thus the late appearance.

In areas 6 and below, the gladiolus corms have to be dug up before the first frost and can’t be planted until after the last frost which doesn’t give them very much time to grow. They need at least 90 days to root, grow, bloom and store energy for the next year, so we cut it close each summer!

We have received a lot of rain which is causing the flowers to become heavy and topple over, so I have cut many of the stems and am enjoying them inside. I have not cut the foliage though. The plants need it to store energy for next year and I need it to remember where the corms are planted. :-)


October2010 051

The cosmos are enjoying the cool, rainy weather: October2010 052

We are going to have a plentiful harvest of Heritage Raspberries this year: October2010 054 Every branch looks like that! I can’t wait to get those berries in my kitchen!

The Everbearing Strawberries are living up to their name: October2010 045 I do believe there are more pies and jams in our future. And hopefully there will be more flowers as well!

How are your gardens doing this fall?

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful Glads -do you think you could prop them up with sticks (like tomato plants)? You inspire me to plant more Fall flowers -everything in my garden has died!

BernieH said...

Your Gladdies are just lovely ... and I absolutely love your white Cosmos! I'm sure your raspberries and strawberries are going to be delicious ... maybe some berry muffins as well!

Thoughtfully Blended Hearts said...

Beautiful glads!!! Those raspberries and strawberries looks so delicious!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Millie said...

The glads are beautiful...I always like those clear colours. And raspberries....mmmmmm

Maureen said...

Wow - you still have a lot going on for so late in the season. Good stuff!

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

The glads are beautiful! They really enhance a late summer/autumn garden.