Monday, October 18, 2010

Keeping Color in Your Garden

You don’t have to put your whole garden to bed for the winter. There are some plants that will continue to flower late into the fall – some all winter long!

Snapdragons will survive light frosts and even a light snow (as will the mums): October2010 181

Violas flower all winter long: October2010 166

Pansies are another flower that will bounce right back after being dug out from under a foot or two of snow: October2010 169

Vinca minors stay green all winter long. They bloom late in the fall and early in the spring. October2010 188My frugal tip is to go buy these flowers, as well as spring bulbs, on the day of the first snow when all of the stores and nurseries mark them 75% – 90% off. I store them in the garage until the snow melts. Once the ground warms enough to dig in it, I plant the annuals and bulbs. They have plenty of time to adjust before the next snow and the bulbs will still bloom on time, even if you plant them a couple of weeks late. You can also save the bulbs and force them for Easter and Mother’s Day gifts.

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The Book Lady Online said...

These are great ideas. We don't usually get snow here, but I will still watch for these pretty flowering plants to be marked down. It would be nice to have flowers all year long :)

Karen said...

Oh, I wish I could do that, but Wisconsin winters are a 'bit' cold, even for the hardy lovelies. How wonderful to have flowers all year long!

Anonymous said...

My snapdragons bloom it seems like all year long!

Jean said...

How nice to have blooms all winter. They are starting to sell pansies in the fall around here. I do love to see the snow melt and find buds on my primroses. Jean

Jami @ An Oregon Cottage said...

Great tip! I love these flowers, too, but I don't always get them planted. :-)

An Oregon Cottage

Anonymous said...

I’ve got some bulbs in my fridge. I’m hoping they will be ready to bloom come February.