Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dead Roses Aren’t Much Fun!

Today, I received the latest edition of my free Home Depot Garden Club Newsletter.  I was very excited to discover that this edition includes a buy one get one free coupon for roses.  I lost several rose bushes in our unusually cold winter. In fact, right now only 3 of 8 bushes are showing signs of life. I am going to give the bushes a couple more weeks and hope that more recover, but even being the optimist that I am, I know I am still going to need my Garden Club coupon:May 2010 063Every newsletter I have received has contained either a BOGO and/or high value coupon. The Garden Club Newsletter also contains some gardening advice appropriate to your local area, which I appreciate because gardening in the high desert is very different from gardening in other areas of the country. When you sign up you give them your email address and your zip code and when they email you your newsletter they include tips tailored to your region. If you are interested in receiving this free newsletter, you can click here.

Do you already subscribe to the Garden Club Newsletter? Have you found other garden centers that are offering a similar service?


deb said...

Great tip, I'll have to subscribe to it!

The Book Lady Online said...

I get these emails from Home Depot, too. I was very interested in that BOGO roses coupon :) Can one really ever have enough roses?

The only other newsletter that I get which has specials or coupons is from Tomato Bob. Its a seed company and every month he offers a few of his heirloom seed varieties for 25 cents per packet. Fun! Just like roses, can one ever have enough seeds? ;)

Alea Milham said...

Thanks for letting me know about Tomato Bob. I have not heard of that seed company before.

Rainy Day Gardener said...

I haven't signed up for their newsletters..that's a great idea! Sorry to hear about your roses..when do you normally begin to see growth? I hope they aren't completely lost. Jenni ~ RainyDayGardener

Alea Milham said...

We usually see growth by now, but we have had a very, very long winter. We had snow on Tuesday, which is why I haven't posted any current pictures.

Andrea said...

It's good you have these things in your country, which developing countries like ours don't, but we learn on our own too. Thanks for visiting my site.