Saturday, May 8, 2010

Square Foot Garden Update

groweatsave I wish I had more to report. However, the tomatoes, peppers, and squash are still living in my temporary green house.  I moved them from the garage to the greenhouse, so that I could roll up the door and hopefully the bees would discover their flowers.  I am hoping to plant them next weekend after the next storm system passes.

My garden still looks pretty bare:May 2010 057 The trellises were blown over in the last wind storm.

The lettuces, spinach, and chard  are still alive, but have not really taken off yet:May 2010 050 After our long, harsh winter, I am content with alive!

I am delighted to report that the peas have finally sprouted:May 2010 053 Our apple trees are in bloom:

May 2010 059 We used the last jar of homemade applesauce last week, so the trees cannot produce fast enough for my family!

How is your garden growing?  I hope it is growing faster than mine!  To view other square foot gardens across the country, visit $5 Dinners.


Erin said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! That's what being this far south will get us. Our peas are already burning up. Your garden is going to be great, I'm sure! I love how many planters you have! We started with 2 but are already planning to do more next year.

Rebecca said...

I stopped by a friend's house yesterday and she was getting ready to put all of her plants into the ground. She started many many plants from seed and was excited to get her tomatoes and peppers planted, hoping that our frost nights are now over.

Unfortunately, a few nights ago when we had low temps, she had covered the plants but some frost snuck in and got the edges of most of her plants. She is so disappointed, but decided to plant everything anyway and hope that they were hardy enough to bounce back.

I hope that all of her hard work doesn't go to waste!

Alea Milham said...

It is so hard to wait! However, if there is a frost, she can cover the plants where they are planted. I hope she has a bountiful harvest - and is a sharer! :)