Friday, September 24, 2010

Blessed with Rogue Flowers

We have had the most gorgeous weather! This is the most beautiful fall that I have experienced since moving to Nevada. Warm day, cool nights – but not too cool – and calm breezes. And best of all NO snow! I have checked the forecast and it is supposed to continue this way for the next 10 days. Our lovely weather has yielded a couple of surprises that I discovered when walking along the edges of our property: Wild flowers. Not many, and they might not be that wild, but if not, surely they are a gift of the wild.
September2010 251 This plant looks like it belongs in the salvia family.

September2010 248 A purple daisy?

September2010 318 Every year poppies appear under our apple tree. They are late this year, but everything was late this year, so it seems appropriate!

I also have several wild roses that appeared this year, but they haven’t bloomed yet. I wonder if they will.
Have you been blessed with any rogue flowers in your garden this year?

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Jean said...

I love rogue flowers! Mine usually end up being just weeds but I can't pull them until I'm sure. Your veggie garden really produced this year! Great gardening ideas, as always. Jean

Tootsie said...

I have a friend who has poppies volunteering all over the place in her is soooo feel like you are driving into a fairy land when you arrive...thanks for linking in...I hope to see you again soon friend!