Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Summer2009 073When I was looking through photos for my post on Gardening with Children, I discovered this picture. My oldest son took it last year during “fire season”. I seriously hope he does not have an opportunity to take a similar picture this year! My friends up in Truckee, CA often say they have two seasons: winter and construction. Do you have the traditional four seasons or are your seasons unique to your region?

Less depressing pictures that my son has taken facing the same mountain range:

Stormy Sunset


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The Book Lady Online said...

Wow! What an amazing photo, though I too hope there is no chance for taking another this year.

Alea Milham said...

Unfortunately, we have waterless thunderstorms in the late summer. If you combine a lightening strike with high winds this is the result. I hope you are feeling well and having fun in your Little Cabin in the Woods!

Alison said...

Here in the PNW we have two seasons -- not rainy (a few weeks in summer) and rainy (everything else). But I love it anyway!

Ann said...

What a majestic scene. What glorious colors-just beautiful.

Linda said...

We have the windy season and the fire season too...sometimes they coincide so it is a windy fire season. Actually it is the Santa Anas that blow through here any where from Octber- March and bring dry hot winds that gust to 60-80 mph. Fun times!