Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Repurposing a Drink Bucket

I know you are thinking that I am going to share a creative way to use your drink bucket as a planter. I’m not. I like pretty things, especially flowers, but I am more of a function before form type of person. Below are a couple of practical ways that I repurpose my bucket when we are not entertaining.

~ We use the drink bucket to keep our stainless steel water bottles cold while we work in the yard. This eliminates the back and forth in dirty shoes across the kitchen floor to get ice water.

~ When I had to do an emergency harvest of my spinach plants, the bucket was the perfect place to temporarily hold the plants. I put a couple inches of water in the bucket and then harvested the spinach at my leisure.
The drink bucket is a great place to hold recently purchased flowers. A little water in the bottom ensures that they do not wilt while waiting to be planted: August2010 392When I plant the flowers I just pick up the bucket and tote it around the yard with me. I place the emptied pots back in the bucket, so I only have to make one trip to my recycling/trash bins.

It also serves as a pond when my youngest son needs to a place for his ducks to swim!

Do you repurpose your drink bucket?

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