Saturday, August 7, 2010

Square Foot Garden Update

I wanted to have this post up early this morning, but I became engaged in another Battle of the Bugs in my squash beds. I was the victor in this battle, but the war continues…

Our unusually hot, dry summer was frying my poor Everbearing Strawberries; the berries were just shriveling up on the stem. I laid down an extra thick layer of wood chips to help retain the moisture. And they’re back:

August2010 076Now that is the way to show appreciation!

I thought I was planting a Sugar Baby Watermelon, but this does not look like one to me:August2010 079
Regardless of the variety, I am relying on the old rule of thumb that watermelon signal when they are ready to be picked when the tendril dries and turns brown. Also the area resting on the ground usually changes from pale green or white to a dull beige. Based on that criteria, I believe I will be picking this watermelon within the week, two at the most. If you recognize this watermelon, please tell me what variety of you think I am growing.

The Great Pumpkin Shortage of ‘09, reaffirmed my decision to grown my own baking pumpkins. It also was a great reminder that, as a backyard gardener, I am not at the mercy of fluctuating market prices.August2010 084I grow Small Sugar Pumpkins, and even though they are ready for harvest in about 100 days, that is pushing it with our short growing season. To buy the plants a little more time, I start seeds inside several weeks before our last frost.

I still do not have green beans, but at least I have flowers: August2010 082

I am putting together a resource list of gardeners by zone and region. If you would like to be included, please tell me your URL, zone, region, and the specific type of gardening that you engage in when you leave a comment (I would put :, Zone 4, High Desert, square foot gardening and drought tolerant ornamentals).

To see what is growing in vegetable gardens around the country, visit $5 Dinners.


Debbie said...

At least you are getting some produce. My garden looks great but not really setting on, it looks more like your beans. Flowers - no fruit, except for my pumpkins, I have some already starting to turn - way to soon but it beats last year when nothing was turning. Happy gardening to you.

Isabella Cake said...

Wow. Those strawberries look really nice! Me too, I always wake up early in the morning to check upon my garden and sometimes I find little pests which are expected and find big pests which are often scary (racoons, deers and rabbits and snakes!). Well, It became a habit of mine. But getting up early is really fun. The weather is cold, the sun is shining lovely and the breakfast is cooking good. LOL

melanie plush said...

Your strawberries are really big and yummy. I just harvested some of strawberries in my garden and I made some jam out of it. I guess it will be ready after 3 days. Your watermelon is really big too but I have no idea of what variety it is. I also have some pest in my garden and my big problem is the slugs. I wished that they are gone one of these days.

rose plated said...

I am envy with your strawberries. My strawberry plant just died because of the changing climate here in Australia. I just hope that my new planted strawberry will grow and produce like yours.

Isabella Cake said...

Strawberries! I love strawberries! I’m glad that your strawberries are back. I wished that my strawberries are like yours. By the way, your watermelon is really big. I can’t wait to see your next post on what will be its taste.